Kalahasti pooja timings for rahu ketu

What are the charges and timings for Rahu Ketu pooja at Kalahasti
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Rahu Ketu Pooja at Kalahasti

Rahu Ketu Pooja Timings 6:30 Am to 8:30 PM
Pooja takes about 45 minutes and is conducted in batches. It is considered auspicious to do these pooja at rahu - Kalam. See if you can be in there during Rahu Kalam time though the crowd can be high during Rahu Kalam.

Kalahasti Pooja Charges

  • Sarpadosha Rahu-Kethu Pooja : Rs. 250/- ; Rs.1,000 and Rs.1,500
  • Spl.Rahu-Kethu Pooja : Rs. 600.00/-
    The premium for the pooja is for the location where the Pooja is performed. Rs.250/- entitles you to perform the pooja outside the main temple while Rs. 1,500/- is for performing the pooja close to sanctum sanctorum.

Charges include pooja items which are provided by the temple. You can of course pay special dakshina as per your desire though the priest will insist for Rs.200/-.

Source: Official Kalahasti temple website

Note: Some traditions associated with pooja
1. After the pooja, take bath and discard clothes and ornaments worn at the time of Pooja. So if you believe in this do not wear any expensive jewelry while performing pooja.
2. After the Pooja do not visit any other temple but head straight to your home. So better to visit Kalahasti after visiting Tirumala Tirupati temple

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