Timings of boat house in ecr Muttukadu

Can I have telephone number and timings of boat house in Muttukadu on ECR Road
asked Oct, 2012 by anonymous


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Muttukadu Boat House timings

9:30 am to 6pm
Tickets for boat ride are not issued after 5:40 PM

Muttukadu Boat House Telephone number
+91 9176995826

Boating options at Muttukadu Boat House

  • Speed Boat :Rs.450 for 10 minute ride. You can drive at 120 Kms,
    there is a trained operator also with you on the boat
  • Row Boats :Rs. 130 for 30 minutes. Oarsman will accompany you though
    you can row the boat
    Muttukadu Boat house
    Weekends sees huge crowds trickling in by 12 PM. If you are doing a day trip covering ECR attractions, I would suggest reach Muttukadu by 10 AM to beat the crowds and the sun. If you cannot make it at 10 AM, then you might as well be there for sunset.
answered Oct, 2012 by selvam

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