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ill be in Chennai for two weeks. Keen to visit attractions around Chennai. Been told that Chennai ECR Road has many attractions. Can someone please help me plan my trip on Chennai ECR Road. I will not have access to a self driven car but can hire a taxi if needed.
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Ecr Road Chennai

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Key Attractions on ECR Road

To make it easy for you, I have mapped ECR Road attractions on Google Map

Following are the key attractions:

Cholamandal Artists Village

Cholamandal Artists Village was established in 1966, today, is the largest artists' commune in India. Located just at the beginning of ECR Road, houses handicraft showroom and gallery. Gallery houses works of many senior artists Paniker, Senapathi, Late Santhanaraj, Nandan, S.G. Vasudev, Thotta Tharani, Sculptors Nandagopal, Karunamoorthy and other luminaries. The ground floor is the commercial gallery exhibiting works by renowned artists. Definitely worth a visit to soak in the atmosphere.


Mayajaal,Chennai Mayajaal, themed family enterntainment complex on ECR road. They offer weekend package which includes Buffet lunch and a ticket to a movie being shown at their theatre. Extremely popular with Chennai weekend crowd. Their dome shaped food court is a definte must visit.

Next to Mayajaal is the equally popular MGM Dizzee World Entertainment park

Dakshina Chithra

Agraharam at Dakshina Chithra

Dakshina Chithra is an unique cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India. Apart from replicas of traditional buildings, you have various activities and opportunity to indulge in traditional games of South India
Dakshina Chithra timings :10 am to 6pm. Budget at least an hour at Dakshina Chithra)

Muttukadu Boat House

Muttukadu boat house
Muttukadu, very near Dakshin Chitra houses TTDC operated boat house. Go there for speed boat ride. Every year a windsurfing regatta is organised in Muttukadu in February. Speed boats (Rs.450 for 10 minute ride); Row boats (Rs. 130 for 30 minutes) and group boats are available. Exciting boat ride under the bridge.
Muttukadu Boat House timings :9 am to 5pm.

Crocodile Park

Madras Crocodile Bank is one of the largest reptile zoos in the world. Crocodile Bank timings: 08:30hrs – 17:30hrs;Monday Holiday. Close to Crocodile bank is the upcoming Dolphin City
Tiger cave pic1

Tiger Cave Temple

Although there are no tigers, Tiger Cave temple is an interesting temple set in a serene location. The name is derived from a cave temple which has a crown of carved heads of an animal that looks like a tiger It is said that the animal depicted is the mythological Yali and it is known as the Yali Mandapam It is 5 Kms ahead of Mahabalipuram.
shore temple

Rock cut temples of Mamallapuram

Mahabalipuram (or Mamallapuram) was a celebrated port city of the Pallavas. They house rock cut temples, a World Heritage Site. There are about nine monolithic temples at Mahabalipuram. The monolithic temples (made from a single rock) are called locally as Ratha (Chariot) as they resemble the processional chariots of a temple. Silvery sandy beaches of Mahabalipuram, too, draw a lot of tourists.
Open from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Mudaliarkuppam Boat House

TTDC operated boat house beyond Mahabalipuram. There are plans to make Mudaliarkuppam into an hub for adventure sports.

About ECR Road

ECR road connects Chennai to Cuddalore - see in Google Map via Pondicherry has developed into an entertainment corridor with many resorts, tourist attractions and temples. Have Listed all key attractions, choose what appeals to you. For more information, read about ECR road and its attractions in an article published by Outlook traveler magazine.

ECR Road Day Trip

Hire a taxi - it is a standard circuit. Taxi will start at 8:30 AM and you can be back same day or stay at Pondicherry for the night.

Hop On Hop Off tour
Another option is to avail HOP ON HOP OFF Tour of Tamil Nadu tourism.

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Just read that giant waves hit Mahabalipuram temple. Nothing to worry as it is supposedly a freak phenomenon and not a Tsunami. News-report- June 20 2012

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Best way to go on a day trip on ECR road is to cover only to key attractions : amusement park and boating on backwaters.
Book the day package at Mayas Resort, Mayajaal. For Rs.499/- per head you get buffet lunch, one movie and use of most amenities at the resort. Check in to Mayajaal by 10 AM and be there till 4 PM.
Start by 4 PM and reach Muttukadu Boat House. Go for boating at Muttukadu. Make sure to reach Muttukadu by 4:40 PM as the boating tickets are not issues after 5:30 PM.Start back by 6:30 PM from Muttukadu and drive back peacefully back on ECR road. Covering two two key attractions on ECR road makes it non tiring and enjoyable. Avoid the temptation to hop from one attraction to another - yes, there are plenty of attractions but stick to a plan of visiting only two or at most three attractions on ECR road.

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