Is there a NRI quota at Tirupati?

I heard there is a NRI quota for quicker darshan at Tirupati. How can I avail of the same?
asked May, 2012 by anonymous

Tirumala Nri Darshan

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There is a special NRI quota at Tirumala even today. You have to get your passport and buy Sheegra Darshan ticket for Rs. 300. If you show your passport they will endorse on the ticket and you can enter the temple thru a special gate.
You can contact 0877 -2277777 (TTD call center) once you reach Tirumala and they will guide you on where to get it endorsed. You have to carry your passport to avail special NRI quota

answered Jun, 2012 by shikari_shambu
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Before TTD introduced Sheegra darshan, NRI quota was popular as it meant faster darshan. Today, NRIs can avail Sheegra Darshan at Rs. 300/- per Indian just as resident Indians or can go in for some sevas which entails darshan. There used to be a NRI quota where special permission slip used to be issued for NRIs. As far as I know that has been stopped

answered May, 2012 by ganesh

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