Velankanni from Chennai - bus timings

Planning to visit Velankanni this weekend from Chennai.Please provide details on bus timings and which is the most comfortable bus to Velankanni.
asked Jun, 2012 by anonymous

Chennai To Velankanni

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Chennai to Velankanni SETC Bus timings

SETC Ultra Delux bus timings
Night :
9 PM, 9:30 PM, 10:15PM, 10:30 PM

SETC Bus takes around 8.5 hours to reach Velankanni from
Chennai and is the most economical option to reach Velankanni from

Rathimeena's PADMAPURI

Volvo bus to Velankanni

Rathimeena, a private operator, operates comfortable Volvo bus to Velankanni. You can board at Koyambedu, Ashoka Pillar or at Veeras, Thiruvanmiyur
Volvo Timings: 1:30 PM; 11:30 PM
Fare: Rs. 580/-
Executive bus : 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM
Fare: Rs.400/-
Online Bus booking : Rathimeena

answered Jun, 2012 by peter

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