Accommodation at Tirumala Hills

I will be visiting Tirumala hills over the weekend with my parents. How can I book accommodation at Tirumala hills (not at Tirupati)
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Tirumala Accommodation

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Accommodation at Tirumala Hills

  1. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) run Temple Guest House - Difficult to get accommodation, but you can check availability online at TTD Website

  2. Karnataka Government run Karnataka Choultry which is just behind the temple. Contact details and booking procedure in this post.

  3. Guest houses of various religious institutions which are located at Tirumala. The site has listed most of such mutts at Tirumala.

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Booking rooms Online
You can check availability of rooms at the guesthouse online and also book at
Rooms are booked well in advance. It is pretty difficult to secure accommodation at Tirumala Hills.
Article in Times explains why it difficult to get accommodation at Tirumala.

Tirumala temple Call Centre
You can find availability of rooms from TTD run call center
Contact Number :0877-2277777, 2233333 Toll free No: 18004254141

There are no private hotel accommodation at Tirumala. Accommodation options at Tirmala is restricted to guesthouses managed by TTD(Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams)and other religious institutions.
Guest houses of other religious institutions
You can book rooms at Karnataka Guest House as explained in that post. lists phone numbers of various mutts that offer accommodation facility

Stay at Tirupati
Your best bet will be stay at Tirupaty where there are plenty of hotels. Reaching Tirumala from Tirupati is easy - there are frequent buses. you can probably look to hire a taxi.

answered May, 2012 by Iyer
Accommodation at Tirumala:
You can try Uttaradi Mutt which has facilities near the temple. (Telephone : 0877-2277397)or Ahobila Mutt Complex. Most of these mutts do not accept advance booking and some entertain members of select community.
If you know somebody working with Karnataka Government, book at Karnataka Guest House (Tel:0877 -22 77238)
Are there any guesthouses for North Indians? Most appear to be give preference to South Indians...
Mutts (guesthouses) run by various religious institutions give preference to certain sect when allocating accommodation at Tirumala. For instance, Madhwa brahmins get preference for accommodation at Uttaradi Mutt as they run the mutt.
I am not sure if the preference is particularly for South Indians.

There are some North Indian base institutions which provide accommodation
- Shri Vallabhacharyajee Mutt (Tel:0877- 22277317)
- Mool Mutt, near Ahobila mutt( Tel:0877 - 2277499)
Just FYI - Tirumala Temple also offer North Indian cuisine as part of their Annadana scheme(

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